Hi guys! I’m back for part two of my summer travels. We are now onto Arizona! If you didn’t read the previous post about Utah, click here!

Grand Canyon Railway

This was a great experience! It is in Williams, AZ. They have a hotel you can stay at that has everything you need and you can just walk right on over to get onto the train. It was so convenient. It was definitely up in my top favorites for hotels I’ve stayed at. We rode in first class and you definitely get what you pay for. It was very relaxing and filled with a great crew and view. They have so many snacks & drinks that you can help yourself to. All the workers put on a fantastic show and told amazing stories of their adventures through life. This is one of the best ways to get to and from the Grand Canyon. If you want to learn more, click here.

Grand Canyon South Rim

We got here by the Grand Canyon Railway. This was honestly probably my favorite spot at the Grand Canyon. It had everything. Whether that be restaurants, shops, hiking trails, and tours. The view was unreal. It looked like painting.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

I was hesitant but so interested about this. For you who don’t know what the Skywalk is, it’s a half circle of glass that is 4,757 feet high over the west rim. If you are scared of heights this is not for you, LOL.  It makes for a great view though. You get to see the “eagle” straight on. The rocks are shaped as an eagle. It’s actually pretty cool. While we were there we ate at the Sa Nyu Wa Restaurant. It has a wall of glass so you have the view of the eagle the whole time. You definitely will have a great time without going to the restaurant but it did added more to the experience.

Antelope Canyon

Going to Antelope Canyon has been on my bucket list for quite awhile now and finally I can say I’ve crossed it off. They say that the best time to visit is around noon because the lighting is better but we went first thing in the morning. This is something that takes months in advance to book. The pictures you see online are so beautiful but actually seeing in person leaves you speechless.

Pink Jeep tour Sedona

If you want to go off roading in style, this is just for you. This is a great activity for families or a group of friends! The drivers are very nice and make the trip full of laughter. This is a very unique way to see the beauty of Sedona. Click here for more information!

Slide Rock State Park

This should be on everyone’s bucket list. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun with my sister as I did there. The Oak Creek made the rocks very smooth creating natural water slides. Once you start the current takes you down. They have a place you can do a mini cliff jump and just simply swim. The parking is limited so it can take awhile to find a spot. As of now it cost $20 a vehicle. I wish we could of spent more time there but sadly we got rained out. I didn’t realize how much it rained in AZ but I quickly found out since we went during monsoon season.  

I really fell in love with Arizona this trip. It makes sense why so many people tend to move there. As it is known as the Grand Canyon state there is so much more to do. I definitely plan on going back and see more someday, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Till next time,


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